Hard cheese Monterigo


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Hard cheese Monterigo

Thanks to its compact but crumbly structure, Monterigo cheese can be cut into a variety of formats: therefore different cuts are available: the classic grated, flakes, leaves, cubes and shreds in addition to the slices of different weights. A valid alternative to classic Italian PDO cheeses, this cheese is available in numerous packages, such as bags, trays and single-serve sachets, to meet the demands of the food industries, food service operators and the retail channel.


  • Vegetarian cheese
  • Maximum flexibility in packaging
  • Wide range of cuts

Description of the raw material

Monterigo cheese is produced in central Europe, a rural area that has always been suited to agriculture and breeding for the production of cheeses. The cows are fed naturally, which makes it possible to obtain high quality milk. This, combined with a production technique that replicates those of the most famous Italian grana cheeses and with careful quality controls, allows to obtain a natural cheese with an intense flavour. Furthermore, the use of microbial rennet makes Monterigo a vegetarian cheese. Monterigo has a delicate milky scent, it melts slowly in the mouth when tasted in small pieces, releasing a full and persistent flavour.


Food manufacturing
  • Ingredient for sauces, pesto and toppings
  • Filling for fresh pasta
  • Ingredient for ready to eat salads
  • Filling for stuffed and processed meats
  • Breading ingredient for products which need to be fried and baked in the oven
  • Self-service area
  • Deli counter
Food Service
  • Delicatessen
  • Canteens and self service
  • Wholesale distributors 

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