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5 Kg – 10 Kg


250 g – 5 Kg

Ricotta cheese

The VIP range includes different types of ricotta, such as ricotta without citric acid, ricotta for industrial production in bags from 5 kg to 10 kg and ricotta made with buffalo milk. Practical trays are available for the retail channel from 250 g, up to trays for use in the world of catering and industries, with weights up to 5 kg.

  • Various types available

Description of the raw material

Ricotta cannot be considered a cheese, but it is actually a dairy product obtained through a process which re-uses the whey left over from previous cheese processing. It is therefore considered a by-product of milk processing. Its paste is soft, white in colour and with a sweet and delicate flavour. The most classic shape is the truncated cone. It can be produced with cow, buffalo, sheep, goat or mixed milk.


Food manufacturing
  • Ingredient for ready meals
  • Ingredient for sweets
  • Filling for fresh pasta
  • Self-service area
  • Deli counter
Food Service
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Pizzerie and restaurants
  • Delicatessen 

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