Thinking about the needs of the Food Service channel, Vip Italia offers a wide range of cheese sachets in single-serve packaging, which guarantee hygiene and food safety, reduction of waste and preparation times, control of food costs.

The single-serve sachets are packaged in a protective atmosphere, without adding preservatives in order to preserve the freshness and aroma of the cheese and are available in various raw materials: Parmigiano Reggiano, also in the Organic version, is flanked by Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano, other excellences gastronomic specialities, Spinoro, a hard cheese made with Italian milk, and the cheese mix variant.

There is a great variety of cuts available for single-serve sachets: in addition to the classic grated cheese, there are flakes – thin irregular cheese leaves – shreds – a cut that imitates the famous julienne, that is long and thin strands of cheese, which have the particularity of melting quickly – and leaves, regular in shape. The variety in terms of weights is also remarkable: it ranges from 5 to 50 g. As for the formats, the range includes sachets with different sizes, even very small ones, to be more practical and efficient.

What are the advantages of single-serve sachets for the Food Service world?
A fundamental aspect is represented by the absolute guarantees of hygiene and food safety: in fact, cheese, once packaged, is no longer manipulated. This means that the product the end customer will consume offers every guarantee in terms of hygiene.
Furthermore, customers in this sector are able to control the quantity of product used, reducing consumption and monitoring the cost of each course, an aspect that is equally important for the horeca channel.
Finally, the single-serve sachets allow to significantly reduce waste and preparation times of the dishes, as the cheese is already cut and portioned in the pre-indicated dose, ready to use.

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