Vegetables, fish and specialties

Translated literally, the word appetizer means "something coming before the meal", or food served to stimulate the appetite. A tradition that could be born only in Italy. And it's from there that V.I.P. Italia imports and develops its products, presenting itself as an ideal partner for all those involved in the catering industry.

The assortment of appetizers that we offer ranges from seafood to veal with tuna sauce, up to the tuna carpaccio, olives, grilled and stuffed vegetables. All these products are of the highest quality, controlled and certified.


  • Tomatoes

  • Seafood salad

  • Marinated calamary

  • Grilled paprika

  • Grilled zucchini

  • Seafood salad

  • Marinated mussels

Art. Nr. Art. Description Weight Package content Remaining period
11000 Seafood salad with Surimi crab imitation 285 g 6 pieces 360 days
11001 Seafood 200 g 6 pieces 65 days
11003 Calamary salad 200 g 6 pieces 65 days
11004 Marinated mussels 200 g 6 pieces 65 days
11079 Grilled zucchini 150 g 6 pieces 30 days
11080 Dried tomatoes 150 g 6 pieces 30 days
11081 Grilled paprika 150 g 6 pieces 30 days
11105 Small marinated calamaries 150 g 6 pieces 40 days
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