Fresh pasta

Popular in every region of Italy, the fresh pasta is the queen of the traditional cuisine, appreciated worldwide. Forms, types and stuffings of Italian fresh pasta vary from city to city, and from region to region. It is its variety that makes the fresh pasta such an appreciated and sought-after product.

Over the years, V.I.P. Italia has selected some of the most popular types of fresh pasta. Thus, we have created several product lines that have entered into the heart of all lovers of the authentic flavors of the traditional Italian cuisine.


  • Agnolotti

  • Tagliatelle

  • Fiori di mozzarella

  • Triangoli

Art. Nr. Art. Description Raw materials Weight Package content Remaining period
82002 Agnolotti ricotta e spinaci Agnolotti Ricotta/Spinach 250 g 8 pieces 30 days
82021 Tagliatelle all´uovo N° 2 Tagliatelle broad 250 g 8 pieces 30 days
82026 Fiori di Mozzarella e Pomodoro Pasta filled with mozzarella and tomatoes 250 g 8 pieces 30 days
82030 Triangoli al Tonno affumicato Pasta filled with tuna 250 g 8 pieces 30 days
82035 Plin di gorgonzola e noci Plin Gorgonzola and nuts 250 g 8 pieces 30 days
82036 Agnolotti al Brasato Agnolotti meat/Barolo 250 g 8 pieces 30 days
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